Facebook Status Update 24-08-2013 @ 18:44

Playing around with getting all my social media updates to my personal blog, in order to create a sort of ‘diary’ with personal notes, public posts and Facebook/Twitter posts all in one place.

I tried Rebelmouse, which is nice if you want to show off your web presence (it aggregates all kinds of social media in a magazine-style page; very pretty), but as it isn’t entirely chronological, it isn’t what I want & it is mostly public as well.

It looks like I can do this using IfThisThenThat. IfTTT is a very simple concept which everyone who ever programmed anything knows; if this happens, then that needs to happen in turn. Basic stuff.

The brilliance of IfTTT is that it makes it possible to link all kinds of (web) services together. For instance, I’m already using it to copy any post which I read and save for later in Feedly (my RSS feed reader) to the web service called ‘Pocket” which is a service to save articles for later reading.
I now created an IfTTT for Facebook & WordPress. When I write a new Facebook status update, like this one, it should automatically create a post in my WordPress blog‘s draft folder. Not sure if it works, therefore this post 😉 Let’s see!