I’m still here

It’s been pretty quiet on my personal blog for some time I see. Strange thing is that I’m constantly writing articles at work, but don’t seem to get to writing anything at all at home.
I’ll see if I can change that in the future. It seems maybe Twitter is often the easiest way to get stuff across though.

Anyway, have a long journey ahead of me tomorrow; flying to Fresno, CA for work. Weather seems worse than it’s here in the Netherlands, which doesn’t happen often, unless you count temperatures of over 35 degrees Celsius to be bad weather (which I do).

I like meeting all my colleagues over there, chatting and finding out about all kinds of new stuff, but it’s the journey itself that gets to me. Thankfully I’m not that tall, so economy chairs won’t be such a pain, but still… Think I’ll start in Diana Wynne Jones‘s new book Enchanted Glass. She’s been my favourite author since as long as I can remember (started with Charmed Live) and I always love whatever she comes up with, so am looking forward to that.

Got all my stuff packed, so nothing to worry about there, just need to check in my e-ticket.
Guess I’ll fill the day by playing around in WoW with either my mage Ealine, my hunter Orunn or my paladin Arlyka; can’t choose atm 🙂

Tonight I’m off for a nice dinner with the band at New Century in Eindhoven (Thai food) and afterwards off to bed; it’ll be a long day tomorrow starting at 5:45 probably (ouch)!