The awesomeness of Amanda Fucking Palmer

I will always regret having missed the Dresden Dolls at Pinkpop when they played in the tent behind the big stadium as I was too fussed to get into that small, sweaty space.

Some time later one of my favourite writers, Neil Gaiman, got engaged to the singer of the Dresden Dolls; Amanda Palmer and that piqued my interest in her again.

Strangely, I started reading her blogs before I actually went and listen to whatever else she’d done musically (which is just up my alley as well; great stuff!). Maybe not so strange after all though as her blogs are just amazing. Great, heartfelt stories about her life and the things she feels passionate about. The nekkid pictures also don’t hurt 😉

Have a read:

The woman is an inspiration and while I wouldn’t be happy living her life, it’s inspiring to see her pull it off and I think she’s the pinnacle of what an entertainer/musician can be.

Anyway, enough rambling. Reason for this post is Amanda’s latest project; her new album. She’s already recorded it, in Melbourne, Australia (she’s a great fan of Aussie & Tasmania in particular, which is another reason to appreciate her taste; Tasmania is sooo lovely!) and is now funding it through Kickstarter.

The new, as of yet unnamed, album project is already a huge success. As of now it has 17,775 backers and grossed $843,396 with 7 days still to go; it’s definitely a resounding success.

To me, this Kickstarter project and its success is a great indication as to what direction the arts is going & it is just so great to see this happen, without large record companies, labels and contracts. As a musician, it gives me hope as well, it’s just awesome.

So, without further ado, if you are willing to spend any amount of money ($1 already gives you the full digital download of the album) on something awesome, you could do worse than to spend it on Amanda’s project:

Some great songs by Amanda:

Amanda Palmer – Astronaut

Amanda Palmer – Leeds United

The Young Punx – Map of Tasmania – Original (yes, really!)

and of course

The Dresden Dolls – Coin-Operated Boy

Follow Amanda on Twitter: @amandapalmer