HabitRPG – gamify your life (in case you really don’t have enough RPGs in your life!)

Today I got myself re-acquainted with HabitRPG. It looks like I joined the service some time ago (I completed the summer and winter challenge while not being there; I did die however).

So HabitRPG is for those people who have an affinity with RPGs (no not the weapons; the games ;P ) and are suckers for achievements and leveling.

The purpose of the service is to gamify the creation of good habits by turning them into a roleplaying game.

Sounds like my cup of tea!

I started off with setting up some habits of my own which I want to cement a bit more into my life (sleep enough, drink enough water, meditate more consistently).

Apart from setting your own challenges however, you can also join ‘guilds’ which are in essence groups of people who most of the time have a theme and the challenges set in those groups are based on the theme.

For example, I joined a group of gamers and one of their challenges is to beat more games than you add to you library (oh Steam!) so as to reduce your library.

Screenshot 2015-01-29 17.01.30

Another challenge in a book-reading guild is to read books with a certain theme over the course of 2015 (read a book which was recommended to you, read a book based on its cover, read a book outside of your preferred genre etc).

I might have gone overboard with the guilds I joined & the challenges I accepted, but it’s lots of fun and gives you a nice idea if you don’t have good ideas of your own.

As I have been working on mindfulness a lot lately, I might add a mindfulness guild later on; didn’t find a specific one yet.

Apart from habit-tracking (which gives you XP and gold each time you check a habit), you can add Dailies and To-Dos.

Dailies are well-known in the WoW-community (and other MMO communities) as quests you can complete on a daily basis for gold a glory. They are similar in HabitRPG, however not completing them on the required day(s) makes you lose health (and gold?) so you really want to do these! I use dailies for activities I really must do on a day.

To-Dos are really a list of one-off tasks you want to do. Challenges often use these tasks and so I have quite a few, but I prefer to put my actual to-dos in another place, I started using Workflowy for that, which integrates into HabitRPG to give you gold and XP when you complete a task; pretty cool πŸ™‚

So, lets see where this leads, but for now; very cool πŸ™‚


Facebook Status Update September 08, 2013 at 09:32PM


Really happy with my new Nexus 7; small Google tablet, for those who don’t know. It suggested Sith instead of with just now on autocorrect, so it’s definitely cool, though a bit disturbing ;).

Android has grown with leaps and bounds since the version that’s on my Galaxy S2.

Rob Sanders, haven’t wished it was an IOS device yet, so let’s see!

Find Meetup groups near you – Meetup

I’m probably late in finding this great website; but how cool is this:



It’s like a supermarket pinboard and teletext contact group rolled in one! The latter is how I found my 20+ pen pals from around Europe when I was 13 years old; yes, actual pens, paper and all my pocket money going towards stamps πŸ˜‰ Long live the internet!

Facebook Status Update 24-08-2013 @ 18:44

Playing around with getting all my social media updates to my personal blog, in order to create a sort of ‘diary’ with personal notes, public posts and Facebook/Twitter posts all in one place.

I tried Rebelmouse, which is nice if you want to show off your web presence (it aggregates all kinds of social media in a magazine-style page; very pretty), but as it isn’t entirely chronological, it isn’t what I want & it is mostly public as well.

It looks like I can do this using IfThisThenThat. IfTTT is a very simple concept which everyone who ever programmed anything knows; if this happens, then that needs to happen in turn. Basic stuff.

The brilliance of IfTTT is that it makes it possible to link all kinds of (web) services together. For instance, I’m already using it to copy any post which I read and save for later in Feedly (my RSS feed reader) to the web service called ‘Pocket” which is a service to save articles for later reading.
I now created an IfTTT for Facebook & WordPress. When I write a new Facebook status update, like this one, it should automatically create a post in my WordPress blog‘s draft folder. Not sure if it works, therefore this post πŸ˜‰ Let’s see!

Nieuwe gadget

Net terug uit de States & ik kon het niet laten om een nieuw speeltje te kopen; een zilveren Playstation Portable!

Dit is de pack die ik heb gekocht:

Ik ben er erg blij mee. In de doos zat al een spel toegevoegd: Daxter. Daxter is een soort platform spel; vrij frustrerend voor iemand als ik; behendigheid is nogal belangrijk πŸ˜‰ Er zat ook nog een schijfje in met een compilatie van “The Family Guy“.

Naast spelletjes spelen kun je er dus ook films op kijken. Daar heb ik ‘m niet echt voor gekocht want om films te kijken op de PSP moet je ze of op een speciaal schijfje kopen (UMD) of ze op jeΒ  flash geheugen zetten, waarvan ik (maar) 2 GB heb. Ik kijk liever films op m’n Creative Zen Vision:M, daar zit tenminste genoeg storage op.

VerderΒ  heb ik er nog twee spellen bijgekocht:

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (nog niet uit in NL) – leuk & erg Japans met ‘cut scenes’ van je super gave ‘moves’

PataponΒ  – Nog niet geprobeerd; is een cute spelletje waar je kleine beestjes ten strijde moet laten trekken met behulp van muziek

Omdat mijn totale uitgaven boven de 175 euro uitkwamen maar even braaf langs de douane gegaan, maar hoefde uiteindelijk niet te betalen omdat ik maar $30 boven het maximum uitkwam. Toch een ‘clear conscience’ πŸ™‚

Door de lage Dollar koers kostte de PSP met de spelletjes & een travel case toch nog minder dan de PSP alleen hier in Nederland zou kosten… Ben dus blij dat ik ‘m in de VS kon kopen!