Little comforts and dragons

Even though, technically, I could take one stop earlier and join a horde of sweet-drink lovers in the line at Starbucks at Eindhoven Central station, I’d rather make my favourite drink at home and play my other new mood-lifter and obsession; Dragon Age: Inquisition (Sorry WoW, I’m torn between you, but DA:I seems to be winning out today).

Little comforts and dragons

My favourite Starbucks drink is White Chocolate Mocha (even though I usually don’t like white chocolate; perfect way to use up white chocolate pellets)

To make:
Pour 100 ml milk, 1-2 spoonfuls of vanilla syrup and one and a bit spoonful of white chocolate pellets in a cup, microwave for a minute. Stir well and then add a cup of espresso (I put one Nespresso lungo shot in mine). Then if you have a milk-frother, add warm frothy milk and presto!
Probably even a bit healthier than the SB version (though, in no way healthy I guess).

A little about my new obsession:

Dragon Age: Inquisition really is my perfect game. There’s so much to do, but unlike with Skyrim, I don’t get lost in the side quests and the main story completely draws me in. I’ve only started the story (I now am level 10) and it’s been such an awesome ride!
Also, unlike in Skyrim, listening to the bards is actually a pleasant experience; the music and songs are beautiful, as is the voice-acting, as always.
The point where everyone started singing the main theme song brought me to tears (no further spoilers, but it’s glorious!) and I love every bit about the game (except for the controls, they took some time to get used to; not too bad now though).
I did have a hard time with the companions who were well-known to me and good friends (Varric and Leliana), but now they are all cold and distant. This makes sense of course as they don’t know the Inquisitor character at the start, but from a player’s view it’s a bit hard to take (or I guess I am way too invested in this story!)
Varric is hilarious as ever and why can’t I romance him, dammit? Maybe Bianca should get an accidental accident ;P
And Alistair is there; squee! What have they done to his face though? Better than in 2 anyway. And Steve Valentine still voices him which makes me happy happy happy 🙂

Well, got to get playing, my PC beckons, ciao!


3 thoughts on “Little comforts and dragons

    • Really? I did a Loghain playthrough once, but even after hearing his side of the story & readin “The Stolen Throne”, it still doesn’t feel right!
      However, may try that someday in Inquisition 🙂

      • Haha my DA characters are usually pragmatic jerks, so doing the Loghain and Morrigan have a baby thing fit with my character’s decision making process ;). Plus, I simply could not stand Alistair.

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