Diablo III – and so it begins

Siebren’s staying over with my parents last night & today so we can play loads of Diablo III!

It’s a great game, so fast paced and fluid and fun all the time. If you like hack and slash RPGs it’s definitely  the best there is, and I’m not just saying because I’m a Blizzard fangirl (which I am, just a bit) 😉

Anyway, hack and slash RPGs aren’t even my favourites (I prefer the story-driven ones usually), but this one is just so much fun!

This is my char right now, a wizard called Eskarina (of course):

For me, as a World of Warcraft player, the GUI is very familiar as well, all the standard shortcuts are the same etc. Going to start a second char now, not sure what yet…Being able to just sit in my dressing gown and play games makes me feel nostalgic too.


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